Nail Services

Manicure – $30

Manicure, Men – $27

Manicure, Child – $17

Shellac/Gel Manicure – $40 

Shellac/Gel Polish Change – Starts at $25

Acrylic Recovery Program – $30 Aids in rejuvenation process after acrylic nails


Hand Polish Change – $15

Nail Design – $7

French Polish – $8

Nail Repair – $10

Paraffin Treatment, Hands – $15

New Pedicures available beginning October 1st!!

We use cruelty-free, vegan, organic, clean & natural products from Voesh New York (

Signature Express Pedicure – 30 minutes

Includes a soothing soak, deeply exfoliating sugar scrub massage butter to glide tension away. This service will leave you feeling refreshed!          

Regular $38 —– Gel / Shellac $45

 4 scents to choose from 


Deluxe Pedicure – 60 minutes

Treat your soles with luxury.  This service includes a soothing soak, sugar exfoliation, deep cleansing mud masque and hydrating massage. 

Child $20 —–Men $47 —– Regular $50 —–Gel / Shellac $62

 15 scents to choose from + seasonal scents


Collagen Deluxe Pedicure – 75 minutes

Includes the Deluxe Pedicure with a Collagen Foot treatment for some serious TLC! This service will leave your feet feeling like a baby’s bum.

Men $62 —– Regular $65 —– Gel / Shellac $77

 15 scent to choose from + seasonal scents


Diva Pedicure – 75 minutes

Add a little sparkly to your pedicure! Includes a pampering soak, exfoliating sugar scrub, deep cleansing mud masque, cooling gel mask and hydrating massage.

Men $62 —– Regular $65 —– Gel / Shellac $77

 2 scents to choose from 

Golden Vanilla brings glittery, gold flecks with every step so you can always get your glimmer on! This 5-step process transforms skin from dull to smooth and radiant, plus vanilla bean provides soothing and calming effects. 

Unicorn Peach is shining, shimmering, splendid.  Inspired by the mystical unicorn, this magical pedicure leaves behind brighter, sparkly, refreshed skin. With the softening and hydrating benefits of peach, you will feel just peachy!


Fizz Pedicure – 75 minutes

Experience the ultimate oxygen spa pedicure! Sit back & relax as this fabulously fizzing treatment detoxifies damaged layers of skin while nourishing it with good-for-you ingredients. Features a soak, fizz, sugar scrub, cream mask and massage butter.  Leave your feet feeling refreshed and your mind relaxed! 

Child $25 —– Men $60 —– Regular $63 —– Gel / Shellac – $75

 3 scents to choose from 


Ultimate Pedicure – 90 minutes

The Ultimate Pedicure features a soothing soak, gentle exfoliating scrub, deep cleaning mud mask, callus softening, hydrating massage and a light moisturizer.  

Men $70 —– Regular $75 —– Gel / Shellac $87


3 scents to choose from 




Collagen Sock Treatment, $15

Paraffin Treatment, Feet, $17

French Polish, $8