Massage & Skin Care

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Dolcé  Relaxing Massage

Slow soothing massage with different movements including effleurage, kneading, tapoletment, and stroking.  Designed to get your parasympathetic system to slow down and relax.

60 Minute Relaxation Massage $90
60 Minute Relaxation Massage Package (for 5) $360
90 Minute Relaxation Massage $130
90 Minute Relaxation Massage Package (for 5) $520


Therapeutic Massage

This is a great massage to help improve the quality of life.  It relieves stress, can be both stimulating or soothing, and helps to create inner balance and harmony. The therapist will apply the specific techniques and the right amount of pressure to address your need with the right amount of pressure during massage.

60 Minute Therapeutic Massage $95
60 Minute Therapeutic Massage Package (for 5) $380
90 Minute Therapeutic Massage $140
90 Minute Therapeutic Massage Package (for 5) $560


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone therapy has been around for many years. It has even been tracked back to China, Japan and Indonesia.  These smooth luxurious stones are heated to proper temperature and applied to the body using oil.  You will be laying on stones, have then placed on the body as well as being massaged with these incredible stones.

75 Minute Hot Stone Massage $110
75 Minute Hot Stone Massage Package (for 5) $440

Deep Tissue Massage

Relieves over worked muscles with deeper slower pressure while chronic pain and stress seems to melt away.  adjustments will be made by the therapist to make sure the pressure is not too deep or painful.

60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage $100
60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage Package (for 5) $400
90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage $145
90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage Package (for 5) $580

Prenatal Massage

Therapeutic, gentile and non invasive touch can ease discomforts that come with pregnancy.

60 Minute Prenatal Massage $85

Focal Point Massage

Specialized for the client on the go.  This is a classic massage that only targets the areas that seem to be the most tense and stressed.  We start off with mild stretching then slowly applying pressure while massaging the neck and working down the back; all while using gentile gliding elbow strokes.

30 Minute Focal Point Massage (Head, Neck, Shoulders) $40
30 Minute Focal Point Massage Package (for 5) $160

Lymphatic Massage

Also called a manual Lymph drainage is a relaxation massage that is very light touch. It is designed to strengthen the immune system, help the body detoxify itself in a way that is non invasive, as well as give the body a increased opportunity to heal itself. A lymphatic massage is a very light touch, because you are working on the skin and the skin only. Therefore, there is no reason to massage deeply to increase the flow of the lymph (50%) of all lymph is directly under the skin.

Lymphatic 60 Minute Relaxation Massage  $110
Lymphatic Relaxation Massage Package (for 5) $440
Lymphatic Head & Neck 15 Minute Massage $25
Lymphatic Head & Neck Massage Package (for 5) $100


Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears. It’s based on a theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems.

15 Minute Reflexology $20
30 Minute Reflexology $35
60 Minute Reflexology $55



Skin Care

Oway Signature Facial

This deeply relaxing facial is made with 100% plant-based formulations to provide exceptional benefits in the most effective way possible. This farm to facial treatment will begin with a skin analysis, while
immersing your senses in an array of plant aromas followed by a deep cleanse exfoliation to brighten, rebalance, and purify dull skin. Then a hydrating mask with infused botanical water is applied to stimulate
collagen and promote toning. Finally, a super active booster is applied to the skin for your specific targeted concerns and finished with a regenerating facial, arm and shoulder massage.
Signature Facial $120
Anti-Aging Facial
 Acne Prone Skin Facial
Customizable Facial
Signature Facial Package (for 5) $480

Image Skin Perfecting Facial

Restore the skin’s natural balance with our skin perfecting facial! This relaxing facial treatment focuses on your specific concerns. If you are dealing with issues such as acne, excessive oiliness, dryness, or sensitivity, our expert medical aestheticians will develop a treatment plan to restore your comfort and beauty.

 Image Skin Perfecting Facial $75
Image Skin Perfecting Facial Package (for 5) $300


Using the original “Crystal Free Diamond Tome Wand” combined with the power of stem cell science, this delivers profound results with shorter down time than peels and lasers.

Face $120
Face Package (for 5) $480
Hands $39.95
Hands Package (for 5) $159.80


Low-level light therapy. The application of light energy to obtain therapeutic benefits. It produces a natural photobiochemical reaction which has a wide range of benefits including skin, muscle and pain conditions.

Celluma $45
Celluma Package (for 5) $200


ProCell’s revolutionary treatment combining MicroChanneling with human growth-factor serums. Profound results in wrinkles around the eyes, wrinkles around the lips and acne scars.

MicroChanneling $350
MicroChanneling Package (for 5) $1,400


Dermaplaning is a skin care treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair, aka peach fuzz. An aesthetician uses a small, sterile blade while holding the skin taut, swiping the blade in gentle upward motions. Painless procedure that leaves the skin brighter, smoothing, glowing and more youthful. You can expect to see an instant improvement in skin texture and tone, while the long-term effects are increased cell turnover, fewer wrinkles and dark spots, reduction of acne scarring, and the removal of fine facial hair.

DermaPlanning $50
DermaPlanning Package (for 5) $200