Cosmetic Injectables



BOTOX is an FDA-approved product temporarily relaxes the muscles.

What Does Botox Treat?

Frown Lines between the Brows

Horizontal Brow Furrows

Crow’s Feet

Bunny Lines in the Nasal Area

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JUVÉDERM ULTRA is a thinner filler and is more appropriate for fine wrinkles and folds in the skin which:

Helps restore age-related facial volume loss

Provides facial contouring for improved facial symmetry

Restores plumpness and fullness to the lips

Minimizes fine lines in and around the lips

Restores volume beneath the surface of the skin to minimize or eliminate nasolabial folds and marionette lines

Fills in depressed areas in the cheeks

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Ultra Plus is thicker filler than Juvederm Ultra and more appropriate for deep wrinkles, folds, and scars. JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus offers more volume for dramatic results that will last longer.


Plumps up folds that run from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth

Reduces the “Marionette lines,” the downturned creases in the corner of the mouth

Augments thin or aging lips

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Juvederm Voluma® is the most robust of Juvederm’s product suite created with their cutting-edge Vycross Technology. Like all of the Juvederm, dermal-fillers, Juvederm Voluma® is a clear, modified hyaluronic acid formula designed to correct age-related volume loss and asymmetries in the face and neck.

Used primarily for Cheek & Nose Augmentation, Under Eye Correction and Temple Volume, Juvederm Voluma® can last up to 18 months.

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Juvederm Volbella® is revolutionary lip filler that is a part of Juvederm’s product suite specially formulated using Allergan’s cutting-edge Vycross technology. With a patented molecular combination of both high and low weight modified hyaluronic acid; Juvederm Volbella®offers a smooth, soft consistency that better mimics the natural feel of your lips than its predecessors.


With the integration of Vycross technology, Juvederm Volbella® provides an unparalleled improvement in lip contouring and overall lip symmetry. Specifically formulated with greater lift capacity than other lip fillers, Juvederm Volbella® smooths wrinkles and adds a beautiful definition to your smile.


Juvederm Volbella® is considered to be the gentlest and longest lasting of the current lip augmentation products, with typical results lasting from 12-18 months after a single treatment.


Adds fullness and plumpness to the lips

Produces results that last for up to a year

Provides gentle contouring for the correction of lip asymmetry

Softens the appearance of fine lines that often appear around the mouth as we age

Produces natural-looking results that are so subtle that no one needs to know that you had the procedure in the first place

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